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What it looks like; what it's all down to you!

Welcome to your blog!

Okay guys, this is YOUR adventure log. This is where YOU get to write about how YOUR character feels about what’s going on around them. It doesn’t need to be a long, full-on piece of text, it can be a list of bullet points, a poem, a drawing, a string of AKJDNMWEDIJFEJKS. Whatever it is that your character is feeling, I, and the rest of the group, would really like to see it.

As an ST, it lets me know how your characters are coping with the storyline – are they set on what they’re doing and therefore happy to ignore sideplot for its sake? Or are they struggling under the pressure of being “Alpha Male/Female”? Are they feeling like they’re on a one-man crusade, or part of a team that just “gets” them? Whatever it is, it will help me run this to fit your characters better, as only you know what your character thinks and feels.

As for the other players, well…it’s always interesting to see how other characters see the situation, and how they’re coping. While all of these posts will be OOC-only knowledge, it is interesting to get an insight into another character’s head.

Please, use this space. It would be awesome to see it grow into a week-by-week summary of the journey your characters are on.

Most of all…have fun using it!




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